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 Rough draft to my first utilized theosophical theory

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PostSubject: Rough draft to my first utilized theosophical theory   Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:35 pm

This is my first draft. I'm going to do a second draft before too long. Basically this started out as a response post to a spar thread but then I just kept compiling my knowledge in disconnected ideas. So the second draft will be more elaborated, elongated, consistent , coherent and informative.

The Three Blocks of B and Chakras

[Prelude to the blocks of B] Observe the world , devote yourself to understanding the different experiences you encounter between yourself and life. You'll discover a universal constant within' every variable of reality. The trinity of B; sat, chit and ananda. Sat being existence, Chit-consciousness and Ananda -being happiness, but I personally think love is more empowering. First, there's great masses and objects involving different shapes, sizes and weight, which are material on the physical plane. That also includes the spiritual, ethereal, etheric objects throughout other parts of existence. Second, there are an unaccountable number of conscious beings which evolved in countless ways. Third, There's being, you yourself. The First of these existential parts is Sat= existence or creation. The second is chit= consciousness, which every living being exposes, depending on your enlightenment. Third is ananda, better known as happiness, the true self (All powerful Shiva's deall)

[ Warning, long theosophical explanation involving chakras ahead.] The existential interaction with reality's affinities corresponds with its etheric forces of being. Allowing spiritual ascensions and universal connections; in other words--chakras. [E] [ Further explanation is at the end of the post describing the septenary relation of vishu, brahma and shiva with the three blocks of b. Basically it summarizes why the chakras do what they do through the founding structure of creation, the trinity] [C]-- Chakras universally detect the most substantial workings in the cosmo's elements and even the most enfeebled, meager workings.( Btw I consider chakras archetypes to the inner elemental planes) Depending on the archetypical chakra, the subtle sensitivity and alertiveness to elemental fluctations are subconsciously predicted or are subconsciously not. [E] After all, the entirety of spirituality isn't a mere child's play thing. It takes entire life times, or better yet multiple life times, to become accustom with the "realm of ghosts, poltergeists, ghouls and goblins! Just look at the many Buddhas for example.). A few key ideas belong within in here that can broaden the knowledgeable bar with chakras. Enlightenment, karmic balance, intuitive understanding+ universal truth[E]( Both universal truth and intuitive understanding involve a certain level of a "Broli-Birthed-Potential" when they're strong influences since your childhood. In spirituality atleast. Consciousness evolves within humans between the years of 4-5.) [c] chakra meditation and a variant list of differences perpetuate the betterment of chakras or degrades the chakra's complete quality. The more chakra meditation you employ your time with the more intuitive (A person with a strong intuition forms an ascended connection with existence/ The Three Blocks of B/ more so than someone whose general hunches botch out on them. [Basically as Ernst Wood put it..Reality starts breathing through you. You inhale, exhale and etc...the absolution of existence so existence's secrets become embedded within you.] Hence why a strong intuition is nothing more than a meditated connection with universal consciousness.] -[ End of theosophical explanation..

Vishnu explanation - Block of B 1 + Vishnu ( Breath of Absoluteness+ Consciousness)= The third member of the trinity. The soul and eyes of the universe, thousand eyed and omniscient. He manifests chit =the world of consciousness ;Atma, Buddhi and Manas and Jnana=Wisdom.* Vishnu's three faculties of divinity are defined by wisdom, consciousness and intuition configuring one block of B. These three faculties of power, which empower the septenary *Sets of seven* rays, interelate with Brahma through a side by side existence throughout the Age of Manifestation *basically you physicists call it the Big Bang*, or Day of Brahma, and are kept in harmony by Shiva through His yoga-maya[ Love and Harmony]. Also, Vishnu turns towards Shiva through ichchha[ Will], and contacts Brahma through kriya[ Comprehension], and in Himself remains essentially jnana= love and the universal consciousness or heart. [ The three existential states of reality are constantly intertwined, to put it bluntly.] I can't explain it any further than this, trust me, I know the majority of you are completely lost. Mind you this all summarizes with the activities of chakras.) [ P.S Rays are are seven classes of being.

Brahma explanation- Block of B 2+ Brahma, The Great Creator of the world of being, manifests Sat; The world of things; earth, wind, water , fire and ether/ wicca's akasha/ more generally known as the first element. The soul "particle" which constituted the womb of regeneration, the plane of life and the abstract atom of matter. Brahma turns with Vishnu through his rjanas/ Goodness *, and Shiva through tamas(Beauty) and essentially remains as the embodiment of universal law/ universal consciousness. His input on the three blocks of b and the pillar of lfame and HE are equally distributed with the three faculties of power; Energy/Rajas , Matter/tamas, and Law/sattva. (P.S, people claim we're incapable of discovering, exploring or entering the true after life because its completely void of raja. Supported by a few articles I've read where psychics claimed their incapablity of sensing rajas beyond this dimension they described as being barricaded to humanity. Here's a mystic/psychic, a buddy of mine introduced me to who discusses it = Dark Search *check youtube, I hate her but she mentions this idea.*

Shiva explanation- Block of B 3. Shiva(Happiness), Shiva touches all seven principles of existence, separate from the fused divinity of the one, which is Sachchidananda Brahman / The embodiment of the pillar of flame/ The three blocks of B. Basically he acts in dualism, one part being within totality and two as willed love, basically his path is a duality of function. Just like consciousness with its two parts, one being receptive and one being aware.

The combined trinity/ The Pillar of Flame (Which some might consider it the akashic records, the etheric medium and my personal favorite The Astral Light.) =Sachchidananda Brahman - The omniverse in other words yet an omniverse that's omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and conscious. Basically the true god, yet one thats embodied differently through cultural interpretation. From the theological beginnings in Egypt and Babylon, to the christian idol Jehova and the shamanic Eagle in the void, Sachidananda Brahman is your Jehova, Muhammid, Jesus Christ..*(Not the many Buddhas, because i believe Buddhas were spiritually evolving throughout their entire life. What took you a thousand reincarnations to go from pathogen to homocapian, the Buddhas went from pathogen to a divine ascension only associated with god in two life cycles. They were born with the capabilities of influencing every layer within this septenary driven, three segments of existence.

IN conclusion, The three states of consciousness/existence link the being who has them to the three great worlds B: ichchha or will to the self, jnana or wisdom to the world of consciousness itself, and kriya or activity to the world of things or being. Therefore jnana is the very essence of consciousness.

Definitions =Abstract atom of matter, the plane of life and the womb of regeneration is the negative pole of the astral light's duality. [ Astral Light, also known as The Pillar of Flame, The Akashic Records, The Etheric Medium and etc...]
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Rough draft to my first utilized theosophical theory
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